Our History

It all begins when a traditional family of rural producers, felling the need to preserve the characteristics of coffee and value the product, built a warehouse to deposit it. In 2002, they built the first warehouse with the capability for 120,000 bags of coffee. Because of the need to expand the facilities, in 2005, the storage capability of the place increased to 300,000 bags of coffee.

According to the demand of producers and exporters interested in depositing their coffees due to the high quality of the warehouses, in 2011, they expanded and modernized once more, increasing the capability to 420,000 bags of coffee and they also expanded the coffee preparation plant to a daily capability of 3,000 bags.

In 2014, a new expansion was carried out, starting to receive 700,000 bags of coffee, and currently, we have got storage capability of up to 1 million bags and the coffee plant started to grade more than 4,000 bags per day.

This is our history! All the entrepreneurship and the serious labour of this family has made the Armazéns Gerais Peneira Alta nationally recognized and today the company is reference in quality and technology for storage, grading and shipping of coffee.

Missao Visao

Store and re-grow coffee through employee improvement, technological innovation, investment in the excellence of our installed capacity, aiming to exceed the expectations of our customers, adding greater value to coffee.


Zeal, precision, vision, transparency, a sense of humanity and practice of citizenship.


Solution with quality in the storage and re-sale of coffee.