Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)

Renewable Energy
Certificate (REC)

Since 2018 Armazéns Gerais Peneira Alta is an agent of Electric Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE – Câmara de Comercialização de Energia Elétrica), it is able to acquire its energy directly from any generation agent in the market.

Aiming at the commitment to the environment and sustainability, Witzler Esco certifies that Armazéns Gerais Peneira Alta has acquired renewable energy from small hydroelectric power plants, biomass, solar and wind power plants enough to supply 100% of its consumption.

In this way, in addition to reducing CO2 emissions by more than 90% by generating electricity, one of the main sources of greenhouse gases emission, the company encourages and fosters the expansion of the renewable energy market.

Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)

in the last 12 months
80 Tonnes of CO²
were not emitted
by Peneira Alta

this equates to
96 football/soccer pitches
of trees planted

Soccer Fields

Preserving is

Armazéns Gerais Peneira Alta keeps in its property a preserved water source and a forest protected against any type of degradation. Respecting the environment means prizing the quality of life and realizing that the survival of humanity depends directly on the preservation of natural resources.